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Cotton CANDY Cloud

For the creation of unique, personalised word art.

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Personalised Word Art Gift Service 

The simple steps to creating your personalised word cloud – the perfect, heart-felt or light-hearted gift.

1. Choose size– Small (13x18cm, £15.00)*, Medium (22x27cm, £30.00)* or Large (30x40cm, £40.00)*.

2. Choose colour of frame – Black, White, Wood

3. Choose shape of word cloud – traditional cloud, heart, star, cat or dog etc.

4. Choose colour scheme desired for the word cloud.

5. Choose between 1 and 30 words that you would like to include (e.g. their name, what they are like, what they like…).  You can add to this list, if you cannot think on the spot!

6. Create order by using order form (order form) and then within 7 days you will receive an email with your cloud for any changes ahead of printing.

* Please note this cost excludes posting and packaging.